Stp 01 - Bird's Eye View Stp 02 - Waterside Stp 03 - Villa I Poolside Stp 04 - Villa I Entrance Stp 05 - Villa II Poolside Stp 06 - Guesthouse Stp 07 - Villa I Living
Stp 08 - Villa I Bedroom Stp 09 - Villa I Bathroom Stp 10 - Villa I Study Stp 11 - Villa I Close Up 1 Stp 11 - Villa I Close Up 2 Stp 11 - Villa I Overview
The unique project “Oranjevelt” consists of two seperate villas located next to the Amstel river in Amsterdam. With over 450 m² of usable area these villas truly are enormous homes. While surrounded by nature, you are just minutes away from the beautiful centre of Amsterdam. Each villa has its own gate which opens up to the driveway with room for 3 cars. As these homes are all about luxury, each villa has its own beautifully landscaped garden with a hardwood terrace & swimmingpool. On the Amstel you will find your own landing stage where you can dock your boat and have a drink while watching the sunset. These beautiful pieces of modern Dutch architecture are designed by HM Architects. For more information please visit www.oranjevelt-amsterdam.nl

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